Our business goals

hands carefully planting a new sapling tree into the earth

Just as the trees we plant grow,

so should our business. 

With the amazing support of our customers and partners, our goals and dreams will flourish 

Short Term Goals

Next 6 months

  • Have 100+ Tree Planting Subscribers

  • Have 25+ Business partners

  • Make one daily sale from Tree Store

  • Generate organic traffic

Mid Term Goals

1-3 years

  • Have 5000+ Tree Planting Subscribers

  • Have 500+ Business partners (including word of mouth generation)

  • Make 10 daily sales from Tree Store

  • Corporate partners

  • B-Corp status

  • Alternative planting partners

  • Reef regeneration incorporated

  • Sea grasses and peatlands projects

Long Term Goals

5 years

  • Have 20,000+ Tree Planting Subscribers

  • Have 2500+ Business partners

  • Made 25 daily sales from Tree Store

  • 1,000,000 trees per month

  • Charity Status

  • Land purchase for One World's own planting project