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'Our purpose is simple'

To offer an easy & affordable platform to make genuinely positive impacts.

For the climate. For people in need. For threatened species. For generations to come

We strive to act like a partner to our clients, offering trust & transparency at every step to ensure absolute confidence in our services   

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How OneWorld came about

In a world of ever increasing consumerism and waste, starting a new business that only contributed to this furthermore was very conflicting towards my strong views of sustainability and low impact. 

Whilst trying to live a life that did as little environmental harm as possible, there has been an ever-growing guilt from emissions and waste that is completely unavoidable in modern living. 

There had to be a way I can still live a full life, enjoying all that there is to offer, while making sure its not going to leave a lasting impact that will be damaging countless lives for generations to come?

Well, while it is still imperative I make conscious decisions daily to create as little waste as possible and to support businesses that are making strides to do the same, being able to offset my carbon footprint while also supporting habitat regeneration made absolute sense to me....but how? Well that's how the seed for OneWorld was planted and just like the millions of trees I aim to plant, continues to grow every day.

OneWorlds Founder

Kit Glover, the founder of one world reforestation services looking into the sky

Growing up on the border of a beautiful state forest was always going to establish a lasting connection with me

and the natural world. Most of my afternoons were spent exploring the seemingly endless Australian bush

that was right on my doorstop.


My love of nature was only expanded even further the first time I went scuba diving, and from there a career

flourished that took me on some incredible adventures that will be fore-ever cherished.

Unfortunately a devastating back injury took from me my ability to follow that dream and a decade of

immense difficulties but also incredible self discovery has followed. 

Drive and ambition found me running my own business in Colombia, a place of such immense beauty,

even years there gave me but a glimpse of what it had to offer. 

While my life seemed destined to carry on there, the unforeseeable circumstances of

the pandemic brought me back to another decisive moment to choose a new path.

This presented an opportunity for me to move into a exciting new chapter and pursue my love of nature

by aiming to commit myself towards healing the earth as much as I can.

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